GCRS 2019

Why India's richest are seeking foreign citizenship ?

The summit

GCRS is a exclusive “one stage” summit which offers in numerous possibilities and prospects of citizenship and residency to Indian citizens who are looking for for international settlement with high worth lifestyle.
Earlier experience in arranging summit in NEW YORK CITY at The Yale club, has given us idea of surveying Indian market followed by organizing business conferences in INDIA and offering a platform for Indian
resident’s to travel and settle worldwide

This exclusive stage offers a chance of

– meeting individuals all around who are offering citizenship and residency in their nations.
– networking with the real estate planners from US and various other developed countries.
– getting in touch with the law offices, counseling firms and wealth managers to enable you to keep up your financing.
– Firms which offers higher education with citizenship in their nation.

We are bringing the members from UK, Canada, Malta, Cyprus, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal,Spain, Dominica, Austria, Greece, Latvia and US EB -5 organizations who offers citizenship by investment.

Why India ?

 India serves as one of the best sources of foreign capital with a projected nominal GDP of USD 2.9 trillion having overtaken the French economy in 2018.
India ranks 3rd in the list of global billionaires investing locally and through foreign countries in almost all disciplines of the market.
India is home to 219,000 HNIs’ with combined wealth of around USD 877 billion and Ranks 2nd in foreign outflow.
 Every 1 out of 20 Indians are seeking out foreign countries for educational purposes, business opportunities or affordable healthcare options.
India holds 74.04% literacy rate in the world, enabling Indians to make logical choices in seeking alternative residency, citizenship programs and golden visa opportunities.
India’s personal income tax rate is projected to trend around 35.54% by 2020 enabling more Indian investors the means to access the international market.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Immigration specialist.
  • Eb5 project holders and regional centers.
  • Immigration and emigration broker dealers.
  • Law firms of various international countries
  • Domestic Government bodies.
  • International venture capital firms.
  • Global investment consulting firms.
  • Wealth management firms.
  • International real estate planners linked with citizenship and residency programmes.
  • Financial advisors.
  • High net worth individuals.
  • Law firms associated with various immigration programs.
  • Wealth managers.
  • Visa ambassador’s.
  • Real estate project developers from related countries.

-Opportunities to get acquainted with the global citizenship and residency programs.

– Access to green card of countries like US, UK, UAE, GREECE, MALTA, AUSTRALIA etc.

– International investment opportunities.

– Protect your family future by settling down in a developed country.

– Secure your children future by providing them with foreign education.

– Plan your holidays and travel abroad.

– Your search for financial guru will stop in this platform.

– Opportunity to meet and find your perfect investment partner.

– Enhance your living standards.

– Get out of your comfort zone by establishing business internationally

  • Enjoy a great opportunity to promote your business and services.
  • Revamp and improve your brand’s image.
  • Gain your outreach throughout the event through Immigration firms, consultants and Investors.
  • Be as part of the interactive QnA sessions and panel discussions and reach out to your potential Investors.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by getting the best support and facilities for your event.
  • An opportunity to showcase your products and services at an International platform.
  • Enhance and improve your brand value and reputation.
  • Advertise and market your product in a cost-effective way.
  • Network and interact with clients from all across the globe.
  • Enhance and improve your brand value and reputation.
  • Get instant feedback directly from your users.

the analysis

The report

India has topped the list of people living abroad at 17 million and over the past 25 years it has doubled up. Almost half of the India’s migrants lives in only three countries which includes united Arab emirates, Pakistan and United states just to find employment as laborers.

Nearly 2 million of Indian lives in US, which makes it the country’s third largest immigrant association. One of most important reason is for higher studies and hence make the Indian American as the highly educated among racial groups in US.

As per the Ministry of external affairs, The total number of Indian migrants to other countries is 30,995,729(compiled in December 2018). Migrants to USA is 4,460,000, to UK is 1,825,000, to UK is 3,104,586, to Canada is 1,016,185, to Australia is 496,000, Cyprus is 5,858, New Zealand is 200,000, Malta is 2,000.etc.

Why to migrate ?

India is a resourceful country but developing. People are moving ahead to developed countries for some great lifestyle, better work culture, no reservations, worthy job opportunities and for new technical ideas

The report shows that international migration makes an important contribution to population growth in many parts of the world and even reverses population decline in some countries or areas.

Investment in other countries will not only give citizenship but will bring partnership and higher profits.